Pilot Initiative Program

Would you purchase a home before walking through it room by room? Conducting a pilot program gives you an opportunity to focus specifically on key use case(s), experience the challenges and easily refine the solution at a smaller scale before extrapolating it to a larger project. It may seem like an excessive investment up front, but it will be well worth the return.

Pilot Initiative Programs or PIPs – also known as feasibility studies or experimental trials are designed to provide a platform for you to test logistics and spot any potential deficiencies before you go any further. easidoo PIPs:-

  • typically begin with a proposal that elicits limited number of key objectives/ use case(s) to demonstrate the value of the overall solution but at smaller scale.
  • include a scaled down technical architecture, and might include some workarounds to achieve the overall objectives.
  • are executed in an AGILE framework with daily standup. 
  • are time limited, to keep the value of PIP relevant.

Are You Ready for Your Pilot?

Before you think of starting a pilot initiative program with easidoo, consider whether you have completed these steps:

  • Assessed your business requirements and identified key use case(s) to include in the PIP.
  • Identified the key data sets and/ or systems that the PIP will depend on, and identified skilled single point of contacts (SPOCs) to work closely with the easidoo team.
  • Selected a PIP lead excited by the opportunity for change and authority to drive the change.
  • Identified key success metrics for the pilot.

Tips for Success

Here are a few tips to help ensure the success of your pilot initiative program with easidoo:

  • Monitor how well the pilot is working and provide feedback to the team. 
  • Implement according to your original plan and then make minor adjustments as necessary. 
Let's talk about your PIP use case