intelligent Data Science solutions

Intelligent data science Solutions

Are you looking for ways to harness business intelligence to make to your business smarter? Would you like your business to make data-based decisions? Do you feel that the data your business has could be better used for business critical insights but don’t know where to start? Do you find yourself stretched between a tight budget and shortage of skilled data engineers or data scientists? easidoo’s Data science as a service can empower your business by defining clear data science strategy and fuel your big data analytics program to improve profitability and decision making. Be it data mining, predictive modelling, or prescriptive analytics, to build business intelligence dashboards is now easier with our one-stop service.

easidoo is well versed with the challenges that small to large businesses face in early stages of data science adoption. When you outsource data science services to easidoo, we begin by analysing your data. If your data a spread, we define a solution to collect reliable data from relevant sources into one place – your data lake.  If you already have a data lake, we explore the data to capture fresh insights. Our transparent methodology will ensure better data management. Here are the steps we follow as part of data science as a service (DSaaS) –

We strongly believe in small yet measurable incremental changes and improvements. Here are some example questions that we address during the data science journey:

Self-service data ingestion
  • what is the business goal?
  • what would you do if you had all the data?
  • what do you want to predict or estimate?
  • what is the objective contribution of the business goal to the bottom line?
data governance
  • How were the data sampled?
  • Which data are relevant?
  • Are there privacy issues?
  • Plot the data
  • Are there any anomalies?
  • Are there patterns?
  • Build a model
  • Validate the model
  • deploy the model
  • evaluate and monitor results
  • What did we learn?
  • Do the results make sense?
  • Can we tell a story?
Delivery and support
  • project planning, prioritisation and tracking
  • in-life management of the solution 

easidoo data science team is passionate about all things to with data. We look forward to accompanying you on the next steps of your digital journey.

Rakesh Luthra

I know what I am looking for. I would like to engage easidoo DSAAS team on a pre-defined use case: 

Self-service data ingestion
data governance
data batch