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Artificial Intelligence as a service (AIAAS)

According to the Forbes report, “Everyday AI: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Empower the Knowledge Worker,” 79% of executives agree that AI and related technologies will have a transformational improvement in workflows and tools for knowledge workers, those whose roles require both experience and the ability to collect and analyse data needed for decision making and action, in their industry.

Are you looking for ways to eliminate repetitive tasks of your staff? Would you like streamline decision making in your business? Do you feel that you need new insights to assist in making informed decisions? Do you find yourself stretched between a tight budget and shortage of skilled data engineers or data scientists? easidoo’s AI as a service can empower your business by defining clear AI goals and improve the performance of your business processes, improve staff motivation and help in better decision making. 

How outsourcing Artificial Intelligence development to easidoo could be better than hiring in-house?

easidoo has highly-skilled AI specialists — with expertise in business analysis, AI solution design, data preparation, data exploration, data transformation, model development, model validation, model evaluation and integration of the artificial intelligence solutions into your business environment. Our capabilities include – 

  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Document text recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Deep learning framework
  • Solution architecture of AI solutions

Here are some of the case studies for AI solutions our team has delivered –

Intelligent Invoice OCR  and financial reconciliation: For a large European telco, easidoo implemented digitisation of invoices, from image pdf, to structured data. We achieved an accuracy of over 97% and further implemented anomaly detection to identify any unexpected invoice amount variance. In addition, using the data from several sources, easidoo developed a financial reconciliation system to ensure the invoices were correct or not. The invoices that had uncertain values were pushed into an exception queue that was monitored by a back office function.

Predictive analytics for IT infrastructure management: easidoo developed a predictive ML model using system logs data in near real-time to predict whether the system or any of it’s applications are potentially going to crash in the following two hours. Each predictions carried a probability percentage. The probability accuracy is evaluated and refactored with a feedback loop from actual crash (or no crash) data and manual input from the system administrators. A threshold for the probability was pre-configured based on customer requirement. Any prediction with probability over the threshold automatically triggered notification via email to the back office team and a support ticket created on the service management system to inform the system administrators well in advance to take corrective action.

easidoo artificial intelligence team is passionate about all things to do with modelling. We look forward to accompanying you on the next steps of your digital journey.

Rakesh Luthra

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