Our expertise is tailored to the intricate needs of the energy sector, providing you with intelligent insights and strategic foresight that drive efficiency and innovation. Partner with easidoo and empower your business with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge essential for navigating the complexities of today’s energy landscape.

Our Services

Data Science

Businesses have more data, and more ways to use it, than ever before. What they don’t have is time. easidoo’s experts in data-driven transformation build the platforms and the organisation that drive growth, turning opportunities into value. Fast.

easidoo designs, builds, and implements resilient, client-specific platforms and analytics solutions using robust technology foundation that connects to the broader enterprise architecture. Our data science capabilities include –

  • Data collection
  • Data transformation
  • Systems Integration
  • Anomaly detection
  • Data visualisation

Artificial Intelligence

easidoo team designs, implements and integrates artificial intelligence solutions into your business environment. Our capabilities include – 

  • Predictive analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Document text recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Deep learning framework
  • Solution architecture of AI solutions

Internet Of Things

With experience of large multi-country IoT solution design, deployment and maintenance, easidoo team is well versed with off the shelf IoT solutions from AWS, GCP but also a IoT platform, NXT-THING, designed from ground up by easidoo engineers. Our IoT capabilities include –

  • Solution architecture – cloud hosted or on-prem
  • Data encryption and security
  • Systems integration with third party or on-prem infastructure
  • Data analytics and Data visualisation
  • Operation and maintenance of systems and applications

All our project based engagements include programme management service, to ensure that the scope of work is clear, the stakeholders engaged and each milestone is delivered on time.

Our Solutions

Data science

  • Data Ingestion: Self-service data ingest with data cleansing, validation, and automatic profiling.
  • Data preparation: Wrangle data with visual sql and an interactive transform through a simple user interface.
  • Data discovery: Search and explore data and metadata, view lineage, and profile statistics.
  • Data and service monitoring: Monitor health of feeds and services in the data lake. Track SLAs and troubleshoot performance.
  • Data batch and stream pipeline template design.
  • Data storage: Managed file transfer to accept batch files
  • We have developed solutions using GoAnywhere MFT, Apache nifi, databricks, tableau, elasticsearch , Logstash, RabbitMQ, Grafana, InfluxDb, MongoDb, Postgresql, and more.
  • We’ve expertise to develop solution with infrastructure on-premise, virtual machines, kubernetes or GCP cloud VMs and cloud serverless infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Document OCR, like Invoice OCR: Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), AI and NLP, enhance the effectiveness of your organisation’s financial and administrative processes with  and data extraction. Process invoices automatically and safely.
  • Computer Vision: Enable the systems to detect objects in pdf documents, photos, videos.
  • Machine Learning: Analyse data, for example – system logs, text documents, digitised documents to understand, analyse data and predict, using custom built models or deep neural networks – Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLP), Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN). easidoo has expertise in CCNs, like PyTorch, RetinaNet – Keras, TensorflowResNet, YoLo, AlexNet, GoogleNet.
  • Insights: Discover deeper insights, faster, in ways that augment human cognition.
  • Performance: easidoo design systems that learn from data and experience to improve outcomes over time.
  • Automation: Leverage robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities to transform operations through automation.
  • Experiences: Enhance human experiences using systems that predict, sense, learn and move. For example – chatbots.
  • Trust: Design, build and monitor automated systems to promote and sustain trust.

Internet of Things

  • IoT devices, like Energy Smart meters integration and data collection 
  • Real-time streaming data collection, transformation, storage, transportation and visualisation.
  • Anomaly detection and automated rule based correction
  • Monitoring of the IoT infrastructure – devices and systems

How easidoo Can Help You

PoC Of Data Science solution

easidoo offers development resources and infrastructure for experimentation that aims to assess the value, relevance and/or feasibility of a solution or an idea before it is implemented. In Data Science, it is typically used to test a use case.

PoC Of An AI Solution​

easidoo team helps you identify a concrete use case for a time limited PoC. We offers specialist resources in object detection, ML model training, model deployment of basic solution design feasibility. 

PoC of IoT solution

easidoo specialises in integration of IoT devices with the backend systems and provide analytics, data visualisation on batch or real-time streaming data. We help you to document key use case that would help in demonstrating the value of the overall solution.